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Roofing dumpsters

Scrap metal dumpsters

Household clean out dumpsters

Asbestos dumpsters

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Woodland Rolloff

woodland rolloff is the areas leading provider for roofing dumpsters.  We offer flat rate construction debris/demolition debris and roofing dumpsters.              No Tonnage charges!

dumpster information

Located in Hayward, Wi


Recommended dumpster sizes for asphalt roofing shingles
length (X) width will give a rough estimate on the sq feet of your roof

30 Sq or 3000 sq feet or less (10 yard)
Up to 45 Sq or 4500 sq feet (15 yard)
Up to 60 Sq or 6000 sq feet (20 yard)
Up to 90 Sq or 9000 sq feet (30 yard)

More than 90 sq or 9000 sq feet will require more then 1 dumpster


Items that WILL cost additional if found in any dumpster.

Any kind of appliances:

washers, dryers, refrigerator, air conditioners, water heaters, dishwashers,  dehumidifiers, microwaves, etc

Electronics such as

Televisions, computers, printers

Anything Hazardous:

Gas, oils, paints, stains, asbestos, etc


Any tire larger then a wheel borrow tire

Any size bed mattress and/or box springs

approx Dumpster sizes and dimensions

10 yard  -  13ft long X 8ft wide X 3ft deep

10 yard = about 5-6 pickup loads

15 YARD  -  15ft LONG X 8ft WIDE X 4ft DEEP

15 yard = about 7-8 pickup loads

20 YARD  -  16ft LONG x 8ft WIDE x 4ft DEEP

​                      13FT LONG X 8FT WIDE X 6FT DEEP

20 yard = about 8-9 pickup loads

30 YARD  -  17ft LONG X 8ft LONG X 8ft DEEP

                      24FT LONG X 8FT WIDE X 5FT DEEP

                      30 yard = about 13-15 pickup loads


                      50 yard = about 23-25 pickup loads